SAE is a supplier and manufacturer, as well as research and development, for Aerospace pyrotechnic devices, and we specialize in providing pyrotechnic compositions that are difficult to produce. SAE offers various pyrotechnics, devices, components, raw materials, and powder compositions for numerous types and sizes of pellets.

SAE offers various delay compositions made from Zirconium/Nickel, Boron, Barium Chromate, Manganese, and Tungsten formulations with various burning rates of 0.025 � 42 sec/inch.

SAE offers various ignition compositions such as BKNO3 (Boron Potassium Nitrate), Boron and Barium Chromate, A1A Gasless Ignition Powder, etc. SAE also offers custom production for specifications and mixture combinations in response to specialized requests from customers.

SAE offers numerous types of pellets from various types of raw materials such as RDX, Black Powder, PBXN-5, and other PBXs. SAE specializes in the loading and assembly of such powders and delay compositions into metal pyrotechnic devices to produce Boosters, Delay Cartridges, Leads, Tracers, Fuzes, Igniters, and other pyrotechnic devices for the munitions field. SAE offers various sizes of delay pellets from 0.0625 to 3.5 inches.

SAE specializes in LAP (Loading, Assembly, Packing) from small to large projects in accordance with the quality assurance of ISO 9001:2015.

SAE specializes in military specifications and high quality pyrotechnics, to meet difficult- to-achieve applications to tight tolerance for required high quality applications. SAE pyrotechnical products will provide customers with high quality flow characteristics and integrity of the mixtures, consistency, and easy-to-use assembly of its offered delayed compositions and pellets.